nicholas wwe
Nicholas (SURNAME UNKNOWN) helps a hopeful rookie learn the ropes.

Widely beloved as one of sports-entertainment’s greatest underdog heroes — he’s a former WWE Tag Team Champion and remains undefeated at WrestleMania — Nicholas is now sharing his wisdom with hopeful rookies as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Florida.

Currently on summer hiatus from his academic responsibilities (having recently turned his final book report on Mick Foley’s Have a Nice Day), Nicholas is devoting his summer to coaching future stars of WWE.

“I want to teach them more than just bumping and holds,” Nicholas said in an interview. “I really want them to learn about ring psychology, you know? We’re storytellers.”

After riding his bike to the Performance Center each morning, Nicholas works along fellow trainers Norman Smiley, Adam Pearce, Matt Bloom, and the Gobbledy Gooker to ensure trainees have everything it takes to be WWE superstars.

“It takes years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to make it in this business,” Nicholas told the recruits at a recent training session. “You can’t just walk into a ring and suddenly become a champion.”

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