ring bellFellow wrestlers and fans paid their half-hearted respects today to the late “Dirty” Drake Dillon — a passable in-ring performer on the Idaho independent wrestling scene — by standing quietly while the ring bell was lazily tolled almost ten times.

Dillon, who passed away last month due to complications of gonorrhea, was generally tolerated by family and peers, and was known among Idaho wrestling fans for his ability to always be the first person thrown out of a battle royal.

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Although Dillon had delusions of WWE stardom, his most notable success in the wrestling business was the time he ranked 501st on the PWI 500.

The timekeeper for Boise Championship Wrestling had actually intended to toll the bell 10 times — the standard tribute to a deceased wrestler — but lost count due to recently having sniffed a large quantity of glue.

Rather than tell the timekeeper to chime the bell three more times, everyone at the event — 12 wrestlers and 17 fans — figured the seven-bell salute was good enough to commemorate a wrestler of Dillon’s limited talent and charisma.