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Who is this sharp-dressed man, and what does he want?

Fans of professional wrestling — particularly recent newcomers to the genre — are eagerly anticipating tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, as they may learn this identity of the mystery man whose interference allowed Kevin Owens to capture the WWE Universal Championship.

Owens seemed nearly defeated in a four-way match last week when the sharp-dressed intruder delivered a double-underhook facebuster — believed to be called The Purebred — to Seth Rollins, allowing Owens to get the pin.

Some wrestling historians insist the man bears a striking resemblance to former WCW wrestler Terra Ryzing, while others point out a similarity to French aristocrat Jean-Paul Levesque.

According to backstage rumors, the man goes by the initials H.H.H., which could mean he is actually a heavily disguised Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Whoever he is, he will surely be disciplined for disrupting a championship match, and will likely never be seen in WWE again.