Bayley hugger
It is only a matter of days before “Unexpected Bayley” becomes an internet phenomenon.

Hoping to add complexity and edginess to her onscreen persona, popular female professional wrestler Bayley has adopted the a hip-hop-inspired swagger and the moniker “The Doctor of Huganomics.”

“Hug life,” said Bayley during a WWE press conference this morning at WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, where she wore a backward baseball cap emblazoned with the slogan “Huggle, Affection, Embrace.”

Bayley, who has long been a fan favorite among pre-teen girls and lonely men of all ages, told reporters that she will henceforth wrestle with what she calls “basic huganomics.”

She will eschew her trademark “Bayley-to-belly suplex” in favor of a more theatrical maneuver, the Five-Huggle Snuggle.

Fans are divided about Bayley’s new persona: some find it a little derivative, but others flailed their wacky wavy inflatable arms with great enthusiasm.


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