TNA buyer
New TNA owner Ted Turner says his new foray into rasslin’ will resurrect — and ultimately win — the Monday Night Wars.

Media mogul Ted Turner announced today that he is “getting back into the rasslin’ business” with his purchase of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

Turner’s purchase of TNA marks the billionaire’s second foray into professional wrestling, having previously owned World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which produced such marquee superstars as David Flair, The Yeti, Van Hammer, and Glacier.

The sale of TNA comes after weeks of rumors that the beleaguered Nashville-based promotion had vacated its headquarters and relocated to a van down by the river.

Turner’s eleventh-hour purchase of the company is being considered a godsend by TNA fans and talent, given that previous prospective buyers included the Harris Twins, the Bella Twins, the Olsen Twins, and Dixie Carter’s brother Ethan Carter II.

The inaugural TNA Nitro will air this Monday, with Broken Matt Hardy squaring off in the main event against The Yeti.



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