Wrestler and prolific author Mick Foley poses with one of his forthcoming autobiographies, Foley is Good Part 2: Foley is Gooder (photo credit: WENN.com)

Kayfabe News has learned that legendary hardcore wrestler Mick Foley recently signed a deal with publisher Knopf Doubleday to release seven more autobiographies by 2014.

The unprecedented deal will make Foley the most prolific autobiographer in history, with every moment of his life — from conception to his most recent meal — chronicled in print.

Foley has already penned four popular memoirs: Have a Nice Day, Foley is Good, and The Hardcore Diaries and Countdown to Lockdown.

Leaked documents obtained by Kayfabe News reveal the tentative titles of the forthcoming seven autobiographies:

– All You Need is (Dude) Love
– Mick Foley: The Truth… Or Consequences
– Alas Poor Socko, I Knew Him Well
– How to Win Friends and Get An Incongruously Hot Wife
– Lend Me Your Ear…. Please!
– Yes, It Hurt When I Got Thrown Off The Cage, Now Please Stop Asking
– Foley is Good Part 2: Foley is Gooder

Foley is rumored to be the envy of the literary world, thanks to his his prolific and best-selling output.

“Man, that guy can really crank it out,” commented novelist Stephen King.