meryl streep award speech
A graphic showing Meryl Streep as a Slammy presenter has been deleted from

Following her tearful Golden Globes speech during which she tearfully admonished President-Elect Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter, Meryl Streep has reportedly been uninvited from WWE’s Slammy Awards.

According to a leaked production document, Streep was scheduled to present the 2016 Slammy Award for “OMG! Shocking Moment of the Year,” but the invitation has been withdrawn.

But WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was reportedly “furious” after the Golden Globes speech, since McMahon is a strong Trump supporter and his wife Linda has been appointed Trump’s Administrator of Skin Orangification.

The Slammy Awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious awards night in Hollywood, having forever enshrined the likes of Sunny (Best Buns, 1996), One Man Gang (Best Group, 1987), Ahmed Johnson (New Sensation of the Squared Circle, 1997), and David Otunga (Pee Wee Herman Bow Tie Award, 2011).

It is believed that Streep will be replaced at the Slammy’s by Trump, who will present the “Most Great Really Really Bigly Great Award for Unwarranted Self-Aggrandizement.”



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