Trump inauguration music
Political pundits believe Vince McMahon will wear the same pink shirt with a butterfly collar during Trump’s inauguration.

United States President-Elect Donald Trump announced via Twitter this morning that his Jan. 20 inauguration will feature WWE mogul Vince McMahon performing his 1987 smash-hit “Stand Back.”

Although McMahon has not performed the song live since the 37th Annual Slammy Awards in 1987, he agreed to sing it in Washington because his wife Linda, an appointee of the Trump administration, told him to.

The song is ostensibly a tribute to the late Andre the Giant, but Trump tweeted that it is “really about being a winner, and believe me, I’m a winner, bigly.”

According to Washington insiders, the performance will feature Hulk Hogan on bass, the Killer Bees on saxophone, and a horn section featuring Jake Roberts and Brutus Beefcake.

It is believed that the final lines of Stand Back will become the motto of the entire Trump presidency:

“I’m a man running wild, heading for the top, never slowing down, never gonna stop, and along the way you’ll see a lot of men drop. Baby watch ’em drop. Baby, baby, baby, watch ’em drop. Stand back!!!”