Sports-entertainment impresario Vincent Kimberly McMahon has been changing his appearance frequently these days, but the latest style of his moustache and hair is drawing mixed reviews from fans and pundits.

Just a week ago, McMahon made headlines by sporting a moustache that implied he might soon tie a damsel to train tracks, or constantly demand photos of Spider-Man.

But this morning during a press conference at his Connecticut lair, McMahon unveiled a new look: a stubby rectangular moustache, no wider than his nose, and a sweep of black bangs brushed forward on an angle. 

While some fans praised McMahon’s daring new style, others complained online that it reminded them of someone unpleasant from history, but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. 

Questioned by reporters at his Connecticut lair today, McMahon said the new look is a “tribute to Charlie Chaplin, quite frankly.”

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