Doctors in Connecticut are baffled today after pro wrestling’s entire McMahon dynasty — Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Linda, and Triple H — simultaneously tore all their quadriceps muscles.

At 2:46pm ET Friday, the entire family was transported by ambulance to a local medical facility, where each underwent emergency surgery to re-attach their quads to their patellas.

The injury struck patriarch Vince while he was cleaning the moat that surrounds his Stamford lair. Shane, who recently had a torn quad surgically repaired after WrestleMania, re-tore both his quads while re-watching Raw Underground again.

At the same moment, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley tore their quads during a WWE board meeting, and Linda ripped both her quads while squatting 600 pounds at the gym.

The family is expected to make a full recovery within eight weeks, and then tear all of their quads again.



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