mauro ranallo nxt commentator
Mr. Ranallo’s mother, Mia, responded to the announcement of her son’s suspension by exclaiming “That’s a spicy meat-a-ball!”

Although Mauro Ranallo is widely acclaimed by fans of sports entertainment for his emphatic play-by-play commentary on NXT programming, he was penalized today with a 30-day suspension for “repeatedly and brazenly” giving on-air shout outs to his mother, Mia Ranallo.

This past week alone, Ranallo hollered “Mamma Mia” 13 times during a single hour-long broadcast, prompting backstage brass to take action.

“While some on-air acknowledgement of family is fine — such as Michael Cole occasionally mentioning his son, Adam — Mr. Ranallo’s repeated matriarchal exclamations have become too much,” reads a statement issued by an NXT spokesperson identified only as W. Regal.

Ranallo, who is known for his unbridled enthusiasm and thesaurus-like vocabulary, said the suspension is “a loathsome, odious abomination that shall be assiduously and punctiliously countermanded by my indefatigable barrister, forthwith.”

After a moment’s pause for introspection, Ranallo added: “Mamma Mia!”


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