Flair wedding
Ric Flair kisses a woman for the first time.

Legendary professional sports-entertainer Ric Flair has, after a lifetime of sobriety and abstinence, finally married the woman with whom he feels comfortable having a sexual relationship.

“I knew my soulmate would come along one day,” said Flair, 69, shortly after he and longtime girlfriend Wendy Barlow tied the knot at a ceremony in Florida.

Flair and Barlow both wore white for the occasion — Barlow in a flowing dress, Flair in a sequinned feathery robe — as an outward display of their virginity.

The wedding was attended by celebrities including Michael P.S. Hayes, Dennis Rodman, Val Venis and Ron Jeremy — all of whom also participated in a lifelong vow of celibacy until marriage.

Flair’s daughter Charlotte, conceived via in vitro fertilization at the Space Mountain Fertility Clinic, said she was “so proud” of her father for waiting until marriage to enter a physical relationship.

For decades, Flair has famously hollered “Woo” at wrestling events, to indicate that he hoped to woo the perfect woman to become his partner in matrimony and monogamous coitus.

The day after Flair and Wendy consummated their marriage, Flair described his first-ever sexual encounter as “a personal and beautiful act of lovemaking that was worth the wait.”




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