Although he is best known for portraying a macabre “Deadman” in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Mark “The Undertaker” is trying a new form of entertainment in his post-ring life as a zany stand-up comic. 

“I always had to be so darned serious as The Undertaker, but now fans are going to see my kooky sense of humor,” said the former Phenom during a press conference announcing his upcoming 30-city world tour, called Jest in Peace. 

Calaway’s comedic stylings are described on his website as “the prop comedy Carrot Top meets the frenetic zaniness of Dane Cook, with a sassy dash of Amy Schumer.”

Since retiring from the ring, the Undertaker has been performing at open-mic nights in Death Valley and studying tapes of all-time comedy greats like Joe Rogan, Larry the Cable Guy and David Spade. 

Unlike many former wrestlers who go on the speaking circuit, Calaway does not intend to tell old road stories or share locker-room reminiscences. 

“I don’t mention wrestling in my comedy show at all,” he said. “Wrestling was OK, I guess, but I was just kind of going through the motions. What I really want to be remembered for is my comedy.”

One of his signature “bits” is observational humour jokes, like this gem: “What’s the deal with airline food? Do they think we’ll enjoy it because we’re… high?” 

The Jest in Peace tour kicks off next month at the Chuckle Hut in Tallahassee, where he is opening for Kathy Griffin. 

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