paige movie
McClusker was confident his hidden computer folder, labelled “Baseball stuff,” would never be found.

Mistakenly believing his wife has somehow discovered his penchant for internet smut, 39-year-old Todd McClusker of Des Moines was briefly paralyzed with fear when she asked him if he had watched “that Paige movie.”

McClusker’s wife Debbie was, of course, referring to Fighting With My Family, the new Hollywood biopic about Paige’s meteoric rise from British carny to WWE star — not the much-lower-budget film of Paige engaged in consensual grown-up activities.

“Oh God, that was terrifying,” said McLusker after realizing his mistake.

“I was, like, if she knows about the Paige movie on my hard drive, she must know about the Sunny movie too.”

Of course, Debbie McClusker secretly does know about her husband’s penchant for watching women wrestlers engage in various states of undress perform acts of lovemaking.

But she refuses to confront him about it, since she’s worried he’ll find out about her hidden folder of illicit Seth Rollins photos.


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