CM Punk surreptitiously tried, without success, to start a “CM Punk” chant at a recent WWE house show.

A lone wrestling fan who tried and failed to incite fellow spectators to chant “CM Punk” and “We Want Punk” at a recent WWE live event was, sources confirm, actually CM Punk himself.

Although rousing “CM Punk” chants were commonplace for many weeks after the popular wrestler vanished from WWE programming, they quickly faded into disuse as notoriously fickle wrestling fans generally forgot about him.

Several attempts to start such chants during a recent “house show” at Chicago’s United Center failed to catch on, but not before a number of fans noticed that the originator of the doomed chant was none other than Punk.

Punk was reportedly wearing a hoodie and sunglasses in an attempt to hide his identity, but eagle-eyed fans spotted the telltale tattoos on his hands, as well as his trademark air of smarmy self-righteousness.

Although Punk has shied away from the spotlight during his so-called “sabbatical” from WWE, it is believed that he has ¬†gone incognito at live events around the country, trying to incite chants of his own name.

It is also suspected that Punk, posting under a pseudonym, has been lobbying in online wrestling forums for his own induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.