Wrestling locker room etiquette
New NXT recruit Tanner Brash pays proper respect to The Undertaker by giving him an aromatherapy massage.

Properly showing respect for veterans is an essential part of locker room etiquette in pro wrestling, which is why all WWE rookies are required to give The Undertaker a sensuous, hour-long rubdown.

In most cases, a simple handshake is sufficient for a newcomer to demonstrate respect to a more established wrestler, but in the case of The Undertaker — a 25-year veteran of WWE and statesman of the locker room — a full-body massage is mandatory, ideally using lavender-scented oil.

“When I debuted, I gave Taker nightly pedicures too, just to make sure I was in his good books,” recalls John Cena, who is now a big enough star that he receives regular sponge baths from NXT rookies.

The rules of backstage etiquette in pro wrestling are surprisingly complex, particularly when one considers that they pertain to grown men who put on skimpy spandex outfits, get sweaty and tussle.

For instance, etiquette dictates who eats first in catering, who gets the best parking spaces outside the arena, and who gets to defecate in a new rookie’s luggage.