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Nancy Pelosi (real name Nancy McCool) says “all Trump statues should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame immediately.”

Patriots and fellow sports-entertainees, our beloved hero and WWE Hall of Famer® Donald Juan Trump® is once again being attacked by the RADICAL LEFT, otherwise known as RIGHT 2 CENSOR and ANTI-AFA (socialist pro-Sika activists). 

Nancy Pelosi, a lady politician whom we should all despise because she is a lady politician, has IMPEACHED “President” Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame! 

It’s LITERALLY unbelievable! 

The Radicalz Left are out of control, demanding that we decide the winner of an election by the largest number of votes cast (unlike, for example, WWE App “polls” that resulted in matches conveniently related to contemporaneous storylines). 

True sports-entertainees, help Keep Kayfabe Great Again, Again

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