strowman lesnar
These men seem to take every possible opportunity get physical with one another.

Monstrous professional wrestlers Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar appear to be on a collision course, but some keen-eyed observers have begun to speculate that the bombastic “feud” between the men is actually subterfuge to divert attention from their taboo mutual love. 

Renowned psychologist Dr. Marion Shelby wrote in today’s New York Times that “the apparent animosity between Lesnar and Strowman is so intense, and so rooted in semi-nude physicality, that it bears all the hallmarks of an obfuscated secret relationship.”

Lesnar and Strowman have been attacking one another for weeks, with Strowman frequently proclaiming “I’m not finished with you,” which some wrestling pundits have suggested is his way of saying “I can’t quit you.”

Lesnar’s personal blog,, includes several references to a “special coworker” and “brawny pal.”

One backstage source, who asked to be identified only as B. Kidman to protect his identity, said the violent intensity the men display on camera is replaced by a “a quiet, almost tender, coexistence” behind the scenes. 

While any taboo relationship between the men remains pure speculation, Dr. Shelby believes that two people so alike are bound to develop a deep emotional bond. “When Strowman throws Lesnar through a table, is it an act of violence, or something more profound? Sometimes we hurt the people we care about the most.”