lesnar hell cell
Brock Lesnar enjoys a little “me time” before his highly anticipated Hell in a Cell showdown against the Undertaker.

With his much-hyped rematch against the Undertaker just around the corner, professional wrestler Brock Lesnar soothed his frayed nerves today with a luxurious, candlelit bubblebath.

The so-called Beast Incarnate spent more than an hour soaking in the jasmine-infused bath, cucumber slices on his eyes, listening to the smooth jazz stylings of his favorite saxophonist, Kenny G.

“I just need some ‘me time,’ you know,” Lesnar said later while smearing papaya moisturizing cream on his supple, clean-shaven flesh.

Though he portrays a fearless warrior in the ring, Lesnar admits he suffers from chronic stage fright, and likes to “take the edge off” with a long soak and a tall strawberry daiquiri.

“I always get butterflies in my stomach before a big match,” he said, “and this time I’m especially nervous because I want to put on a really good show for the fans, whom I love dearly.”

Immediately prior to his infamous streak-ending match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30, Lesnar was spotted backstage wearing his fuzziest pajamas and eating Hagen Dazs out of the container while watching The Notebook.