lesnar german
Lesnar performs a slight variation of the German suplex known as The Frankfurter.

In preparation for his much-anticipated rematch against The Undertaker at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar has enhanced his repertoire with the addition of Austrian and Bavarian suplexes.

Said Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman: “My client, Burrrrrrrock Lesnar, is about to unleash a wide range of suplexes from across Europe, as well as a few from the Slovak and Eurasian areas.”

In addition to his standard German suplex (a belly-to-back waistlock throw he delivered at least 45 times per match), Lesnar will now employ:

  • The Bavarian Suplex (or “Stein-Hoister”), a belly-to-belly twisting toss
  • The Austrian Suplex (or “Freudian Slip”), a pump-handle underhook release throw
  • The Prussian Suplex (or “Teutonic Takedown”), similar to German suplex, but accompanied by a high-pitched shriek, at which Lesnar excels
  • The Uzbekistani Suplex (or “Uzplex”), which reportedly involves the slaughter of a lamb and much dancing

One thing Lesnar will reportedly not be adding to his repertoire is mic skills.