Underatker lesnar
The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar continued their fierce battle at Applebee’s, causing at least $500 in damage and ruining a nice piece of Chocoholic Dream Cake.

Patrons at a Kansas City Applebee’s restaurant were shocked last night when, right in the middle of Half-Priced Fiery Fajitas Happy Hour, WWE superstars Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker burst through the front door in a wild brawl.

Lesnar wrapped his massive arms around The Undertaker’s waist and German-suplexed him through the Bottomless Soup and Salad Bar, disrupting the highbrow ambience for which the restaurant chain is best known.

The brawl — which started during a broadcast of WWE Raw at the nearby Sprint Center — had also re-ignited at a rental car business, a hotel lobby and a strip club before bursting into the Applebee’s, according to witnesses around Kansas City.

Dozens of WWE’s mid-card performers stampeded into the restaurant moments later, determined (for reasons unclear) to pull The Undertaker and Lesnar apart, rather than just letting the men settle their differences through fisticuffs and grappling.

Finally, it took Applebee’s Assistant Night Manager Cory McGuire to pry the men apart by promising each a Two-For-One Jalapeno Poppers Platter with a complimentary soft drink.

With that, Lesnar and The Undertaker agreed to disagree, then sat down for a tense-but-cordial meal that Lesnar later described as “[unintelligible pterodactyl shriek].”