Lesnar suplex
Brock Lesnar has been widely misquoted, sparking a cottage industry of “Suplex City” t-shirts and internet memes.

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar insists he was misquoted as saying “Suplex City, bitch” during his recent WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns, and that he actually said “Soup — let’s eat bisque!”

The misheard utterance quickly  became a viral internet phenomenon, with approximately 400 different “Suplex City” t-shirts being released this past week to capitalize on the the trend.

But Lesnar insists he was merely expressing his desire to have a nice lobster bisque — his favorite kind of soup — because he forgot to have dinner before his big match against Reigns.

Though most fans believe Lesnar is a sociopathic brute who likes to maim adults and eat babies, he is actually a self-described “foodie” who has a particular affinity for creamy French soups thickened with rice.

Immediately after WrestleMania, Lesnar went to the finest French cafe in San Francisco with advocate Paul Heyman for a lovely lobster bisque fortified with 30 pounds of protein powder.

Lesnar recently signed with WWE for another year, after which he hopes to host a cooking challenge on the Food Network called “Kitchen Tap-Out.”