WWE script
A document that some believers reveals the scripted nature of pro wrestling.

A document that appears to be a “script” for popular wrestling TV program Monday Night Raw seems to indicate that professional wrestling is a rigged spectacle in which match outcomes are predetermined.

The document seems to provide a segment-by-segment rundown of the WWE program — including match outcomes — leading many longtime wrestling fans to wonder if they have been duped by a phoney “sport.”

For example, the document indicates that, in a match between Ryback¬†and Titus O’Neil, the latter will go “over” — a term some believe is insider lingo referring to the planned winner.

The wrestling world has been abuzz since the script leaked online earlier this week, and some pundits speculate that the ensuing scandal will ruin the wrestling industry.

“Professional wrestling will be kaput in six weeks,” predicted CNN legal analyst Nancy Grace. “Mark my words — it can’t survive this controversy.”

Many fans, however, refuse to believe that their beloved sport might be rigged, insisting that the document must be some kind of clever forgery.

But even wrestling’s most staunch believers can’t explain how the document, which appeared online before Raw aired, was able to accurately predict every single segment of the program, right down to individual lines of dialogue.

Then again, wrestling’s most staunch believers can’t explain a lot of things, like how Mr. McMahon survived the limo bombing, or why Zack Ryder¬†is still employed.


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