jinder calgaryJinder Mahal is indeed known to more than a billion of his countrymen as the Modern-Day Maharajah, having finally brought WWE championship glory to the little-known region of India called Calgary

The people of Calgary, a former British colony is just 7,580 miles northeast of Mumbai, have long yearned for a hometown hero to achieve stardom in professional wrestling.

Mahal grew up aspiring to be an Indian legend like his wrestling uncle Gama Singh, who grew up in the Indian region known as “British Columbia” before becoming a star in India’s premiere wrestling organization, Stampede Wrestling. 

In 2010, Mahal travelled to the Indian territory of “Tampa” — just 8,200 miles west of New Delhi — to train as a professional wrestler, and eventually earned stardom and championship gold in WWE.

Mahal has become a proud representative of India, along with his countrymen The Singh Brothers, Sunil and Samir, who hail from the small territory of India called “Burnaby.”