Conspiracy theory
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory promises to "ask the tough questions" about the Montreal Screwjob.sub

Promising to “shed new light” on the infamous scandal, Jesse Ventura’s docu-reality program Conspiracy Theory is has re-opened the case of the so-called Montreal Screwjob.

“Conventional wisdom suggests that the Montreal Screwjob is case-closed — but is it really?” Ventura says in his trademark raspy lisp during a trailer for the program.

“I don’t think so. The stories just do not add up.”

Ventura has tackled many fringe ideas on past episodes of the program — from aliens at Area 51 to the alleged “inside job” of 9/11 — but he promises the Montreal Screwjob episode will be “the most explosive expose so far.”

Conventional wisdom surrounding the Montreal Screwjob holds that WWE honcho Vince McMahon colluded with Shawn Michaels and referee Earl Hebner to ensure Bret Hart would lose the main event at Survivor Series 1996 by prematurely calling for the bell during a submission hold.

But Ventura says there are “too many unanswered questions” surrounding the event, such as:

– Was Hebner just a “patsy” of the wresting elite — a puppet being manipulated by higher forces?
– Did Hart indeed tap out to the sharpshooter? Ventura says a never-before-seen camera angle proves this is the case, and Hart lost the match fair and square.
– Is Vince McMahon actually a reptilian alien hybrid bent on world domination through subliminal mind-control perpetrated on millions of wrestling viewers?

“They all seem like plausible scenarios,” insists the former wrestler and governor of Minnesota.

Ventura says the Montreal Screwjob show is the first of several wrestling-themed episodes. Also in the works: “Who started the fire at Paul Bearer’s funeral home?” and “Who really killed Katie Vick?”