Sting interferes in the main event at Survivor Series, which one fan has described as the “same old Sting crap.”

Less than 24 hours after legendary professional wrestler Sting made his much-ballyhooed WWE debut, the majority of wrestling fans — a notoriously fickle subculture — have already grown weary of the character.

“Ugh, Sting,” wrote one fan this morning on “He is soooo last night.”

Much excitement and anticipation preceded Sting’s WWE debut, since he is one of the only¬†top stars of professional wrestling to never have performed for the dominant sports-entertainment franchise.

That excitement, however, fizzled¬†within mere moments of Sting’s surprise attack on Triple H, and has transformed into a blase, entitled sense of indifference among most fans.

“Same old sh** from the Fed,” tweeted one fan, using the pretentious smark euphemism for WWE. “First Sting arrives, and now they’re gonna cram him down our throats on Raw.”

Now that the hubbub around Sting has grown stale, most fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of Kevin Owens (formerly independent star Kevin Steen), whom fans will promptly label a “sellout” before losing interest in him entirely.