IWC wrestling
A study released by Harvard University contained this composite image depicting typical members of each community.

According to a study released today by Harvard’s Center for Digital Communications, there is precisely no overlap in membership between the so-called Internet Wrestling Community and the Internet Hygiene Community.

The online community of avid professional wrestling fans — or IWC, as it is known to those inside it — reportedly shares no members in common with the online group of personal hygiene enthusiasts, the IHC.

“It’s quite a remarkable finding,” says Prof. Leonard Van Klempt, who studied the IP addresses belonging to members of both communities, and did not find a single person involved with both.

“It leaves us to conclude that being a wrestling fan precludes an interest in personal grooming, and vice versa. In fact, we extrapolated from the data that the vast majority of IWC members emit the pungent odor of Mountain Dew and Slim Jims.

The study concluded that, almost without exception, members of the Internet Wrestling Community have scraggly neckbeards, exhibit the pasty complexion associated with endless hours at a computer screen, and haven’t washed their Ring of Honor “Glory By Honor IV” t-shirts since Bryan Danielson won the title.