WWE kane fire
If this horribly disfigured burn victim can overcome adversity to achieve personal and professional success, what’s your excuse?

We dare you not to cry after reading the uplifting story of a courageous man, burned terribly in a mysterious fire during childhood, who overcame adversity to become a successful executive in the corporate world.

Kane [surname unknown] seemed destined for a life of torment after a fire at his parents’ funeral home during his childhood left him with no choice but to cover his grotesquely disfigured face with a leather mask.

Life gave poor Kane nothing but hurdles. A failed career in dentistry left him rudderless, and allegations of sexual deviance with a high school girlfriend named Katie marred his reputation.

Kane was also tormented by an insatiable lust for vengeance against his brother, who was alleged to have set the fire that killed their parents and left Kane scarred, physically and emotionally, for life.

But after years of therapy with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Marian Shelby, Kane finally found his true calling as a corporate executive with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Some naysayers, including WWE star Seth Rollins, insist Kane is still mentally unbalanced and continues to masquerade as a demon, but Kane dismisses such allegations as silly, and frequently shows off his “World’s Greatest Director of Operations” mug as proof.