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Kevin King’s “tribute” to his own career puzzlingly omits the time he threw up on a turnbuckle due to nerves.

“Kamikaze” Kevin King, an independent wrestler who has spent nearly two years performing in almost 10 events around what he calls “the Ohio territory,” recently compiled his career highlights in a video accompanied by Creed song “My Sacrifice.”

The video, which has drawn mostly thumbs up from King’s 73 YouTube subscribers, features spliced-together clips from his early matches in Dayton, to the long “program” he “worked” against rival and roommate Sweet Tooth Jones for Cleveland’s AIW promotion — all set to the dramatic accompaniment of the Christian schlock-rock claptrap.

Although King has clearly tried to emulate the popular “Desire” videos of WWF’s so-called Attitude Era, his video is hampered by grainy image quality, his own shoddy editing skills, and a lack of footage to edit, given that five of his nine matches were not video-recorded at all.

King spent hours editing the video to ensure the lyrics and the action were complementary; for example, when Creed crooner Scott Stapp belts out “Above all the others we’ll flyyyy,” King splices in the clip of the one time he went to the top rope and performed what some observers described as a two-star frog splash.

When Stapp sings “Hello my friend, we meet again,” the video features a moment in which King and opponent Abraxas Starship have a staredown mid-ring, trying desperately to emulate the Rock and Hulk Hogan, but drawing a considerably smaller “pop” from the several-dozen Toledo residents watching the match at a local high school.

Near the end of the video, King has overdubbed his own voice saying: “The blood, the sweat, the tears, five weekends a year away from my family — it’s brutal, but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Two days after it was posted to YouTube, King’s video was flagged for using a copyrighted song, and the video was removed.

So watch this one instead, because it is wonderful:


And then watch this:


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