wrestling fanAlthough he insists in online forums and on social media that he only watches Japanese pro wrestling — or “puroresu,” as he always calls it — 27-year-old Todd McClusky spent the weekend binge-watching Total Divas and the last five TLC pay-per-views.

McClusky, who only wears Bullet Club t-shirts in public but sleeps in WWE Superstars flannel pajamas, says he never watches “the Fed” because “today’s product” is “too corporate.”

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“I just can’t watch Moxley (WWE’s Dean Ambrose) or Dragon (Daniel Bryan),” McClusky wrote in one online forum while sipping cola from a Roman Reigns collector’s cup he bought at WWE Axxess.

McClusky says he prefers the “strong style workrate” of Japanese wrestling, although his internet search history indicates he prefers “Finn Balor entrance,” “Rollins curb stomp,” and “Lana oops slip pics.”

Although he has told friends he plans to go to the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom next January, McClusky is actually going to a wrestling convention in Delaware in hopes of finally meeting Michelle McCool.


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