So, you call yourself a wrestling fan, huh?

Prove it.

Only the “smartest” wrestling fans (known in the lingo as “smorks,” for reasons unknown) can ace this diabolical quiz about wrestling stars of yesteryear who have fallen into obscurity.

Bet you can’t get them all! Answers at bottom.

  1. This man with an “Olympic gold medalist” gimmick

angle wwf


2. This kiss-stealing, wheeling, dealing, son of a bitch. 

ric flair


3. This “People’s Grappler”


dwayne johnson wwf


4. This undead zombie thing


5. This groomed poodle who made our list. 


6. This hearing-impaired man.

steve austin


7. This snooty blueblood.


8. This thing with a phallus tattooed on its chest. 


9. This global megastar.

lenny lilac



  1. That’s Khosrow Vasiri, who later whose curly moustache and boots helped bring him notoriety as The Iron Curtain.
  2. Charlotte Flair Sr.
  3. That’s Anoa’i Family Member #319, best known for being Roman Reigns’ 17-cousin, thrice removed. He made minor waves as “Rocky Maivia” before fading from the spotlight. He is currently in prison.
  4. Brian Lee briefly portrayed this scary character, Under Taker, before being repackaged as the demonic Cane. The Under Taker gimmick was later portrayed by a revolving cast of wrestlers including Brian “Crush” Adams, Chris “Abyss” Parks, and Ron Simmons.
  5. That’s Sean “Heartbreaker” Michael, former member of The Rockstars
  6. The Ringmaster was a short-lived character portrayed by this man, Bill Goldberg.
  7. That’s Kyle Gas of the Mean Street Posse.
  8. Ted Arcidi
  9. Obviously, that’s Lenny Lilac, star of the Pure Wrestling Association (PWA), the sports-entertainment juggernaut beloved by fans all the way from Kitchener to Waterloo.

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