Batista jan 20
Batista is leaving behind the glamour of Hollywood’s A-list to return to the WWE ring

Wrestling fans were delighted yesterday when it was announced that Batista — a former wrestler who skyrocketed to Hollywood’s A-List after starring in a series of critically acclaimed blockbusters — is returning to the ring.

Batista’s return to World Wrestling Entertainment will surely attract major mainstream media attention — something the company wants as it ramps up promotion of the upcoming WrestleMania event.

Some have compared Batista to fellow wrestler-turned-movie star to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, through Batista’s illustrious Hollywood career drastically outshines Johnson’s.

For example, Batista starred in the the 2012 action epic The Man With the Iron Fists, which shattered box office records and earned a whopping seven Academy Awards (including Best Actor for Batista).

Batista’s reign atop Hollywood’s A-list was reinforced when ┬áthe former wrestler starred in the third instalment of the Riddick franchise. Critics raved about Batista’s performance in the gritty psychological sci-fi drama, with some saying he was “even better than the great Sir Vin Diesel.”

Batista will return to WWE action on January 20, but he might only make sporadic appearances since he is scheduled to soon begin shooting Jack & Jill 2, with Adam Sandler.