Jeff Jarrett is expected to return to WWE as “Hunico.”

The professional wrestling world is abuzz today with the news that Jeff Jarrett has resigned from Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling in order to return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and portray the character Hunico.

Jarrett’s TNA departure comes as a shock to many in the industry, given his founding role in the company, but his close friends report that he has wanted to portray Hunico for some time.

He jumped at the opportunity to fill the available role, which has been vacated ever since the man previously playing Hunico (Jorge Arias) was needed to portray the Sin Cara character.

It is likely that Arias will not be able to perform as Hunico for many months, given the rumors that he is currently understudying to portray the popular Undertaker character at WrestleMania, which explains why Jarrett has been recruited for the position.

Jarrett is a versatile veteran of the wrestling business, so he will likely have no problem portraying a Mexican gangster character (though he may be required to shave his trademark blonde locks).

It is expected that the now-vacant role of Jeff Jarrett in TNA will be portrayed by Jerry Lynn.