Seth Rollins celebrates his swift victory in the inaugural First Man Standing match.

Fans at a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event in Minneapolis yesterday were reportedly “underwhelmed” by the company’s inaugural First Man Standing match, which ended almost immediately after the opening bell.

The match, which pitted Seth Rollins against Braun Strowman, was over mere moments after the opening bell after Rollins quickly sprang to his feet from a seated position.

Strowman was still performing is signature bent-over-backward limbo pose when the bell rang, rendering him incapable of “reaching a vertical base,” as the commentators phrased it, as quickly as Rollins.

According to ringside timekeeper Berkley Ottman, the entire match lasted 1.8 seconds from bell to bell. Fans booed as Rollins’ hand was raised in victory, amid chants of “We want re-funds (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”

WWE later issued a statement admitting that “the First Man Standing match seemed like a good idea at the time, but we clearly didn’t think it through.”

The match was reportedly the idea of a new member of WWE’s Creative Team, who, remarkably, wanted to try something creative. The statement promised that it “won’t happen again.”

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