Hogan wrestlemania 30
Rent-A-Center spokesman Terry Bollea will host WrestleMania 30.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has confirmed that Terrence Bollea, best known as a spokesman for Rent-A-Center stores, will serve as guest host of the annual WrestleMania event this April.

Bollea has been a successful pitchman for the American furniture and electronics rent-to-own retailer, boosting the company’s sales thanks to his popular catch-phrases (“Brother,” “Dude,” etc.), his goofy facial expressions, and his cartoonish orange skin-tone.

As host of WrestleMania, the muscular spokesman will employ the same charisma and silly antics that have made him synonymous with instalment-based computer and appliance sales.

WrestleMania will be an unusually high-profile event for Bollea, who has also served as a pitchman for Radio Shack, breakfast cereals, and Japanese air conditioning units.

Although he has starred in several movies — No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny, and Suburban Commando, among others — they were critically panned flops that pale in comparison to his Rent-A-Center work.

It is unclear whether Bollea has any knowledge of professional wrestling.