Lita (right) intends to engage in public fornication again as part of her WWE Hall of Fame speech.

As part of her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this April, retired “Diva” Lita intends to mark the auspicious occasion by performing an onstage “Live Sex Celebration.”

Despite the annual WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony being an ostensibly classy black-tie affair, Lita plans to “spice things up a bit” by crawling under the covers of an onstage bed and performing coitus with a yet-unspecified partner.

Although Lita’s Hall of Fame induction is in recognition of her many commendable contributions to women’s wrestling, she may be best remembered for her 2006 Live Sex Celebration in a WWE ring with then-boyfriend Edge during the height of the churlish and vulgar “Attitude Era.”

Although Lita has not yet revealed the male suitor with whom she shall engage in exhibitionist fornication, speculation abounds on the internet, given her many past sexual partners in the wrestling industry.

It seems unlikely that Lita will engage in public intercourse with former boyfriends Edge or Matt Hardy, since each is now involved in a relationship. It is also doubtful that Lita will convince CM Punk to join her for lovemaking, since he is away on sabbatical. WWE honcho Vince McMahon himself has reportedly volunteered.

Most fans online are hoping, however, that Lita’s sex partner will in fact be Trish Stratus — which, if true, will cause millions of male wrestling fans to spontaneously combust and die smiling.