WWE sign
Dylan Murphy holds aloft the sign he spent all day making, and that neither Cena nor any TV camera operators noticed.

Despite being a fully grown man with a career and family, 33-year-old Dylan Murphy spent an entire day last weekend cutting, gluing and decorating a “Cena Sucks” sign to hold aloft during a live WWE event in his hometown of Miami.

Murphy started the day by going to his local Office Depot to purchase a large pink placard, a package of multi-colored construction paper, a stencil, a new pair of scissors, two glue sticks and a container of glitter.

He then returned home and hunkered down in his basement to meticulously craft the three-by-four-foot sign, which he hoped would be visible on TV, despite his 23rd-row seat at the Hell in a Cell event.

“Daddy can’t play right now,” Murphy told his six-year-old son Brayden, who approached Murphy in the early afternoon, holding a baseball and two gloves.

“Daddy’s busy making a sign.”

Murphy’s sign-making odyssey continued through the afternoon and early evening, after he misspelled Cena as “Cnea” and had to start again from scratch.

At 8:49 p.m., after both his children had gone to bed and his wife had fallen asleep on the couch reading a romance novel, Murphy put the finishing dabs of glitter on his sign.

The sign would be spotted neither by Cena, nor nor any camera operators at the event, and therefore nobody at all.