Duane Gill portrays his new Gillback persona

Perennial wrestling jobber Duane Gill announced today that he is coming out of retirement to spoof the undefeated powerhouse Ryback with a character called Gillback.

Gillback is scheduled to debut on next week’s edition of Smackdown with a handicap match against two scrawny nobodies, who will easily defeat him within a minute.

Gill attained notoriety in the late 1990s for his “Gillberg” character — a parody of Goldberg, who was in the midst of a long undefeated streak in WCW at the time — and hopes the new parody of Ryback will lead to renewed stardom.

The new Gillback character be almost identical to the Gillberg persona, and thus requires very little preparation on Gill’s part.

Gillback intends to be defeated by a different pair of jobbers each week, which will prompt him to grab a microphone after each match and holler “Feed me less!”