Goldberg lesnar sweat
Goldberg proved his perspiratory prowess in WCW, while Lesnar was a NCAA champion sweater.

Following this morning’s announcement from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that the much-hyped WrestleMania showdown between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg will be a “First Sweat Match,” sports-entertainment pundits are predicting a swift but too-close-to-call match. 

In a First Sweat Match, the winner is the first participant to begin visibly perspiring — a maneuver at which both Lesnar and Goldberg are highly skilled. 

It is a rare type of match, seen almost infrequently as the First Man Standing match and the ill-fated Falls Count Nowhere match. 

Most pundits are predicting the match will be over shortly after — or perhaps shortly before — the opening bell, but it will likely depend on a number of unpredictable variables:

  • The temperature in Orlando on April 2
  • The distance from Goldberg’s dressing room to the entrance ramp
  • How hard Lesnar needs to think to find the ring

According to backstage sources, the original plan was for a First Blood Match, but that idea was scrapped after Goldberg was busted open by a gentle kiss from his wife on the forehead. 


[Thanks to Joseph Wade Walters for the idea]

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