wrestlemania viewAlthough fans of professional sports-entertainment will watch this weekend’s WrestleMania event from the squalor of their own bedrooms, they can replicate the experience of witnessing it live by obstructing their view with inflatable palm trees.

WWEShop is offering the “Authentic LIVE WWE Experience” by giving fans a chance to watch WrestleMania the same way thousands would have, had the event not been relocated from a Tampa stadium to WWE’s Indoctrination Center in Orlando.

If you want to experience WrestleMania “as if you are there,” says the online store, you can crane your neck around the obstacles.

Also for sale are blindingly bright spotlights, which fans can point directly into their eyes if they want the real sense of “being there.”

Fans are also encouraged to keep their commemorative collectible chairs, which they can choose from any of the furniture upstairs where their parents live.

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