Although WWE chairman Vince McMahon shrugged off questions about rival organization AEW during a recent media call, sources close to McMahon say he has been “obsessed” with recruiting rough-and-tumble brawler Nick Gage after watching Gage compete in AEW against Chris Jericho.

One anonymous source within WWE, who asked to be identified only as Linda M., revealed that contract negotiations are already afoot with Gage’s agent, with a starting salary “in the seven figures.” 

Gage, a former inept bank robber and prisoner, is currently considered the hottest free agent in professional wrestling, and it is unlikely that his smaller organizations can compete with WWE’s offers.

GCW, for example, where Gage is a regular performer and recent jobber to Long Island Iced-Z, does not have enough handshakes and hotdogs in its entire budget to afford Gage now that he is a top prospect. 

McMahon reportedly hopes to recruit other top deathmatch veterans like Masada, Jun Kasai, Mad Man Pondo and Drake Younger (although the latter quit wrestling to become a trans-rights advocate and a campaign staffer for Hillary Clinton). 

Gage, who recently completed his PhD in quantum field theory at Harvard, had always planned hang up his boots and forehead-razor by 2020 and return to his first love, academia. But even a professor’s salary would pale in comparison to the money Gage could earn as WWE’s new top star. 

Could Nick F’n Gage headline the next WrestleMania? We think it’s basically a sure-thing. And you can take that to the bank! #MDK




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