Francesca trombone
Francesca 2 is already getting some “heat” backstage for her tinny timbre.

Francesca 2, the trombone who got “called up” to the main WWE roster after the original Francesca got sidelined with a fractured slide, is reportedly worried she’ll fail to live up to the standard set by her predecessor in The New Day.

The original Francesca — a Selmer tenor trombone in B-flat — has far more in-ring experience than her replacement, a E-flat rookie fresh from the independent (or “indy”) marching band scene. 

According to backstage rumors, Francesca 2 is already “getting a lot of heat from the boys” for her tinny sound and hollow timbre.

Sources close to Xavier Woods report that the wrestler is secretly worried Francesca 2 is not ready to grab the brass-instrument-ring in WWE, and may soon get sent back to developmental.

WWE has a history of bringing in replacements to portray existing roles, such as Fake Diesel, Fake Razor Ramon, Doinks 2 through 17, and the second Ultimate Warrior after the original died in the early 1990s.

Asked for comment by reporters, Francesca 2 simply replied: “Wamp wammmp.”