Nakamura wwe debut
Despite never having seen Shinsuke Nakamura in action, this blogger believes the Japanese wrestler will “save” WWE.

Blogger and self-proclaimed “wrestling pundit” Chad McCormick is beside himself with excitement about the upcoming WWE debut of Japanese sensation, despite never having seen even a second of Nakamura wrestling.

“Nak is finally going to bring strong-style puroresu and an elevated workrate to the Fed,” McCormick wrote on his blog,, using insider terminology he doesn’t fully understand.

Due to the slow dial-up internet connection in his parents’¬†subterranean rec-room, McCormick has been unable to watch any footage of Nakamura in action, but is aware of the buzz surrounding the Japanese star in the so-called Internet Wrestling Community, of which he considers himself a “key player.”

“Trips knows the best workers are in NJPW, which is why he’s raiding talent like Nak and Styles,” he wrote.

“Now we just need Claudio and Dragon to return,” he added, referring to injured superstars Cesaro and Daniel Bryan.

If his past blog posts are any indication, McCormick will argue that Styles and Nakamura should both get a “huge push,” but if that happens he will complain that the wrestlers are being “crammed down our throats.”