Undertaker HOF
Contrary to popular opinion, this ring veteran doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Although has participated in some of professional wrestling’s most epic showdowns, this veteran of the squared circle does not deserve induction in the vaunted WWE Hall of Fame — and here’s why. 

  1. His win-loss record is terrible. He lost his debut match to Randy Savage’s girlfriend, Gorgeous George, at Slamboree 1999, and was badly injured in his second match due to an elbow drop from Savage himself. 
  2. He is corrupt. He has emulated many of the nefarious tricks of his idol, Ric Flair, and frequently bent the rules to assist his comrades, Stott Steiner and Sid Vicious. Many years later, he emulated Earl Hebner’s infamous Montreal Screwjob by prematurely calling for the bell when Charlotte had Natalya in a sharpshooter. 
  3. Referees don’t get inducted. A referee’s job is to stay out of the spotlight and fairly officiate the matches, without the expectation of fame or acclaim. Besides, let’s be honest: Robinson is no Jimmy Korderas. Now that man can count to three (or ten) like a champ. 
  4. He can’t take a bump. At No Mercy, he took a tombstone from The Undertaker and had to be taken to the locker room for medical attention. 

Speaking of the Undertaker, he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame either, because he’s just a second-rate Abyss wannabe.