It was announced today that the beloved “Space Mountain” ride, beloved by an estimated 10,000 thrill-seekers over the decades, will soon be permanently de-commissioned due to unsafe conditions from overuse.

Though based in North Carolina, the ride has toured the world, dazzling riders with sudden turns, false finishes, and occasional hour-long rides as dynamic as a Broadway musical.

Space Mountain reached its peak of popularity during the 1980s, when it was transported via Lear jet and limousine from one town to another, attracting a predominantly female demographic, who were frequently heard hollering “woooo” as the ride reached its climax.

The ride is perhaps best remembered for the time it was showcased alongside a beautifully constructed steamboat, which many women (and some men) were also very keen to ride.

Over the years, Space Mountain began to fall into disrepair, partly due to a near-constant infestation of rats. Now nearly 70 years old, the attraction has lost much of its luster to a younger generation of riders, who would rather ride a newer rollinscoaster.

Shortly after a documentary about Space Mountain aired on national television, workers began dismantling the ride, one of whom could be heard saying through tears: “I’m sorry, I love you.”