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The Undertaker (in this image, portrayed by Rock Bognar) might not be the shoo-in you think he is.

Do you think the Undertaker ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? 

If you said “yes,” you probably haven’t really thought it through. 

There is absolutely no guarantee that The Undertaker will inducted into the prestigious institution. 


Here are five possible reasons: 

5. Asteroid impact. The same kind of catastrophic collision that wiped out the dinosaurs could happen again at any time, wiping The Undertaker, and WWE’s non-existent Hall of Fame, and the rest of us, into extinction. 

4. Categorization paradox: Does inducting a Deadman count as a posthumous induction, even if the inductee is there to accept? The Hall of Fame has no provisions for a “living posthumous induction.” This could get tied up in the courts for years

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3. Massive solar flare. An electromagnetic burst of significant force could wipe out the internet and all telecommunications, thereby wiping out things as as ephemeral and non-existent as the WWE Hall of Fame. Just finding food and clean water could be your biggest concern, so nobody’s going to care about a wrestler going into a fake museum. It could be apocalyptic chaos. And it could happen at any time. Sleep well!

2. That match against Goldberg at Crown Jewel in [REDACTED]. Eesh.

1.  Which version of The Undertaker to induct? The Undertaker character, as everyone knows, has been played by a large cast of sports-entertainers. The Undertaker was originally intended to be portrayed by Kevin Nash, but plans changed when Nash became Adam Bomb. Marcus Alexander “Mark” Calaway, who was performing as “Big Josh” in WCW at the time, signed on to play the original Undertaker. Calaway played the Undertaker until 1997, when the job was given to Brian Lee, who had performed as Krush in his native Hawaii. After a shoulder injury forced Brian Lee to retire, The Undertaker was played by Scott Hall, father of Jillian Hall. When Hall quit WWF to join WCW, the Undertaker role was briefly held by Rick Bognar, who had also portrayed Fake Diesel, a spoof of the WWE superstar Thurman S. Plugg. No fewer than 12 other wrestlers — including Nathan Jones, Jinder Mahal, Big Cass, and Charlotte Flair — have all portrayed The Deadman over the character’s illustrious career. Calaway returned the the role only once, in a losing effort to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. So, who gets inducted? Your guess is as good as ours. 





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