sable bikini
After a bitter bidding war, the sale was eventually made to a Pauly Dane-Jarussly.

The art world is abuzz today after a fierce bidding war led to a record-breaking auction sale of the hand-print bikini worn by WWF vixen Sable Mero-Lesnar during the 2003 Judgment Day event. 

The Sotheby’s auction included several record-breaking sales:  a Jean-Michel Basquiat self-portrait took in $17 million; a first-edition hardcover of The Collected Poetry of Landrick Poffo was sold for $11.8 million. 

But the item that drew the most interest, unsurprisingly, was the pair of black, bedazzled handprints that were carefully peeled from Sable’s ample mammaries after the bikini contest at Judgment day. 

A Sotheby’s spokeswoman said the sale is the second-largest wrestling-related transaction the auction company has ever handled,  just behind the $21 million auction sale of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s cryogenically frozen semen, which experts hope will re-populate the Earth after an extinction-level event. 

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