Triple-H uncharacteristically delivers a Pedigree without authority.

The professional wrestling world is in shock after, unprecedentedly, a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar delivered his signature finishing maneuver without authority.

Longtime wrestler and WWE corporate executive Triple-H, who typically delivers his double-underhook facebuster (or “Pedigree”) with authority, unleashed the move in a sloppy, unauthoritative manner.

The double-underhook was not properly cinched in, the jump was lackadaisical and the impact on opponent Roman Reigns was minimal.

Commentator Michael Cole, who is usually quick to point out the authority with which finishing moves are delivered, was taken aback: “Pedigree!  With auth… oh, no, wait. Just a Pedigree,” he said. “That’s odd.”

Rather ironic is the fact that Triple-H is a figurehead, along with wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, of the WWE power couple known as The Authority.

At best, the move was delivered with conviction.

Cole and fellow commentators were almost as perplexed as they were the time that Randy Orton delivered an RKO outta somewhere.


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