TNA writers
TNA’s Creative Team admits their current name is a misnomer.

The so-called “Creative Team” of writers and matchmakers at Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is asking for the help of wrestling fans in finding a more appropriate name for their department.

The team has launched an online questionnaire¬†that will allow fans to provide input and vote on names that better reflect the team’s derivative, non-creative style of booking, which typically involves half-baked copies of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) angles.

Among the options available on the survey:

  • The Mimicry Squadron
  • The Nashville Plagiarists
  • The Monday Night Note-Takers
  • The Dixie Pricks
  • Total Nonstop Imitation

The company hopes that by allowing fans to participate in the naming process, viewers will feel more connected to the product and watch the Impact Wrestling TV show.

Currently, the vast majority of wrestling fans don’t bother to watch TNA since they can get all the same storylines and characters on Monday nights.