Evolution is not the result of a sentient guiding force.

A recent poll of leading scientists shows near-universal consensus that Evolution — a recently reunited faction of dastardly professional wrestlers — bears no discernible evidence of so-called “intelligent design.”

“Evolution appears to have occurred without any form of sentient guiding force behind it,” said the author of the study, Prof. Leon Froklage.

“The reunion of Randy Orton, Batista and Triple-H is clearly not the work of an intelligent designer, but rather a random mutation unlikely to survive for long.”

Proponents of the so-called “Intelligent Design” theory suggest that some kind of omniscient force (typically referred to as “Vince”) masterminded the resurgence of the long-defunct WWE faction.

But the overwhelming scientific consensus is that Evolution is an automatic adaptation to environmental pressures, such as the pressure to salvage some usefulness out of Batista’s much-hyped return.

Scientists predict that, thanks to the Darwinian rule of “survival of the fittest,” natural selection will soon render the faction extinct.

As is typical in Evolution, an apex predator will survive until new dominant species — perhaps a goat or some hounds — bumps it from the food chain.


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